What would you say your style is?

I definitely have a photojournalistic base. I love capturing the moment in the most natural way possible. I’m not too dark and moody and I’m not super bright and airy.. I kind of sit right in between and created my own natural look. I usually edit to the season, so Spring and Summer weddings and engagements take on a little bit of a lighter tone, while Fall and Winter are bit darker and more rustic.

Can we set up a meeting? Where are you located?

After you have contacted me and we know I’m available for your date, we usually set up a video chat to discuss what I offer! I usually meet with couples on Monday – Thursday in the early afternoon or evening.

How long until we get our photos back? How many do we usually get back?

For Engagement Sessions and Lifestyle Sessions I try and get your photos back within 1-2 weeks. I know you may be using them for Save the Dates and announcements, so I try my best to get them back to you quickly. You usually get anywhere from 100 – 200 High Resolution edited photos back from a typical 2 hour engagement session.

For Weddings; I usually get you a preview (8-10) images within 1-2 days. The final gallery is delivered to you within 6-8 weeks! You usually get back around 800 – 1200 High Resolution edited images from an 8 – 12 hour wedding day.

You also get 10 - 15 teasers back within a few days of your wedding or session.

How long do you keep our photos for? Are they backed up somewhere? What happens if we lose them?

I keep your photos on my proof site guaranteed for 1 year. However, I haven't run out of space on my site yet, so I've backed up couples shoots for the last 6 years. That way you can always access and re-download the photos at any time. I keep the final copies backed up on multiple hard drives forever! So if you lose them, you can always come back to me for a copy.

Do you have liability insurance?

Absolutely! If your venue requires me to send over my certificate of insurance I can happily provide it. I usually do this a month or two before your wedding or event date.

Have you photographed at my venue?

There is definitely a good chance I have! I have been shooting weddings for 8+ years now and am familiar with most venues on Long Island. If I haven’t, I usually scout the location beforehand for the best spots and lighting, that way I am familiar with it leading up to your big day.

Do you use a second photographer for wedding days?

All of my main packages include a second photographer. They are super helpful on weddings that have over 100 guests. It allows me to feel like I am in two places at once! So if I’m photographing the bride getting ready, they are photographing the groom. Which means more photos for you! I only use second photographers that I know and trust.

Do you travel?

Sure do! I love destination weddings! I have shot weddings all over the country. Including Washington DC, Minnesota and California. When you inquire, let me know where your awesome destination wedding is and I will see if I’m available!